Sunday Funday (AKA: Recovery Day or Count Your Blessings Day???)


I’m not as young as I thought, or tricked myself into thinking, I am.

Over the last few weeks I had planned for my coworkers to bring themselves and their favorite person to Busch Gardens’ Howl-o-Scream event – my first “touristy” adventure since I’ve been here in Tampa.  Only one was able to make it and she’s not a fan of scary things.  This was going to be interesting.  Now, I love a good roller coaster as much as the next “23” year old.  My body, however, has a tiny issue with my fervor.  I was lucky enough to ride some of the rides that are the most popular and they were fantastically fun!  And even though the lines were crazy for the haunted house I was able to get into 2 of the best. (More on that in a bit!)

I figured today would be a day that I would need to simply relax to recover from the beating I took from the rides, all of the walking, people jumping out to scare me, and haunted house adventures.  Alas, I am doing much better than even I anticipated.  Last week, I broke the news to my chiropractors that I was going to this event and their only hope was that I didn’t undo all of the good work we’ve accomplished since I’ve been seeing them.  They will be glad to know that nothing has changed that I can tell.  This is blessing number one.

Blessing number two was experienced shortly after a near panic attack at the thought of having to get into a seat on a roller coaster and the potential to struggle to fit.  I sat in the seat, pulled the harness over me, connected the seat belt, and STILL HAD ROOM TO SPARE!!!!!!  BLESS!  Last year at this time (and 70 pounds heavier) I wouldn’t have even attempted it.  I was the opposite of people that panic because they are so skinny they’re afraid they’ll slide out of the seat like the burnt cheese from the copper pan infomercials.  At that weight I had to be squished in and nearly sat on like an overstuffed suitcase in order to close the harness.  No more, I say!  NO MORE!  Blessing…number…TWO!

Blessing number three came as I was frustrated enough with the wait times for the haunted houses that I was ready to give up and leave.  I hadn’t eaten much at all and had only had water since I’d been at the park so I was getting cranky.  A rather kind lady and her husband had apparently had enough of the festivities and were getting ready to leave.  She saw me waiting at the end of a very long line to one of the newest attractions and kindly handed me her pass to move to the fast lane.  Because she did this I was able to go through two haunted houses instead of not even getting in to see one.  This woman does not know how happy she made this 44-year old child.  I will pay her kindness forward.

I saw people of all ages having a fantastic time.  I saw a father giggle with the purest joy as his little girl, who was sitting next to him on the ride, raved about the ride and how she told him she had to “hold on at that one part, Daddy.  It really got me in the belly.”  I saw young love, old love, friends, families, lights, scary things, pretty things, intriguing things, and a whole lot of adrenaline-charged giddiness.

That’s the beauty of togetherness.  I was able to feel the joy of togetherness although Phil wasn’t with me.  Sometimes it’s okay to let others happiness make you happy.  Today is a Count Your Blessings day…just like every other day.  My recovery comes with a nice walk downtown on the Riverwalk to get rid of the two tacos I had last night to alleviate my hangriness.

And as I sit here on my lanai, listening to the birds chirp, undoubtedly having their own conversation, I am reminded that every day something beautiful can be discovered.  Last night I found my own joy by opening my eyes and EXPERIENCING the true nature of my surroundings.  And that, my Buties, is enough.

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